“Julie is the literacy coach every teacher wishes for. She’s full of both practical ideas and lofty goals. She leads professional learning by inviting each teacher to be her “thinking partner”, while always keeping the child’s learning at the center of the instruction.”

—Elizabeth Keim, Tier 2 Reading Specialist

“Purpose, Growth & Joy.  Working with Julie has helped our team focus on what matters: the purpose of our work, the growth mindset that achieves it and most importantly the joy of learning.  What is impossible to capture in words is how she models the moves that instructional coaches can make with the teacher they work with and the moves teachers can make with their students.  Her approach is always learner-centered. She provides the framework for the learner to discover, explore and reflect on their needs. We work from an asset based approached, it is never about "fixing" someone but how we take what we are good at and make that great.”

—Joe Judge, Instructional Coach

“I was lucky enough to learn from Julie as she facilitated a large group of experienced instructional coaches--Julie's sureness of voice, kind and caring attitude, and her sharing of humorous stories made her presentation easily accessible and inspirational for all. I can't wait to spend time with her again and am searching for opportunities to learn from her in the near future!”

—Isabel Sawyer, Regional Director, Center for the Collaborative Classroom

“Julie has all the right experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum specialist, and coach -- together with an amazing depth of research-based knowledge necessary--to anticipate what we need.  Through professional learning opportunities, she pushes us in a positive direction to stretch our own abilities. She sees the potential in us and, just like a championship coach, she knows how to help us reach our goals with our own teams!”

—Daniel Newell, K-12 Science Content Specialist

“Julie's ability to inspire both teachers and coaches is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  In my 15 years in education, I have never learned as much about literacy as I have with Julie. You leave after a day's work with her invigorated to go back into schools and do what is best for the kids.  Our group of coaches always jokes, ‘When is Julie coming back...we need our monthly dose of Julie.’”

—Elizabeth Bennett, Literacy Coach

“I read Julie Wright’s new book on small group reading experiences and it encouraged me to reflect and ponder the question, Are students getting the most out of small groups?  This book provides meaningful, easy to implement teacher moves to ensure that students are doing the reading, thinking, and writing.  I am seeing excitement and passion in readers as we rethink and restructure our classroom practices. This powerful tool has led to a change in teacher mindset and more effective reading instruction.  I have worked with Julie for over a year and she inspires me to be a thinker and lifelong learner.”

—Lisa Kelly, K-5 Literacy & Math Coach

"Julie is highly effective at keeping teachers engaged in learning. This is largely because she is a “teacher’s teacher” who has the experience to support her theories and ideas. I want to know what she knows. She encourages teachers to think and offers them the opportunity to consider new methods in ways that will work for them. She is ultimately a highly charismatic speaker who listens to teachers, using those conversations to push teachers to greater insight into their practice.”

—Alicia McGinty, K-12 Art Teacher

“We have been fortunate enough to work with Julie on a literacy initiative in our school district for teachers in grades 2-5.  Her enthusiasm and energy for igniting joyful readers and writers is contagious. The strategies and processes she uses with staff model exquisite instruction and engage all participants in reflection and deep thinking about teaching and learning.   She is a true partner in our efforts to improve instructional practice and has gone above and beyond to understand our school district's needs and context. In her presentation, Julie keeps relationships and student learning at the heart of the work.  We in the beginning stage of our learning journey together, but we are already thrilled to see and hear the level of commitment and confidence increasing among our staff members.”

—Jill Burnes, Director of Teaching and Learning

"Regardless of the audience, Julie always finds the most authentic and creative ways to foster opportunities for discovery, self-reflection, and most importantly, growth. She has a natural gift of getting you to self-reflect far beyond what you could ever imagine to be possible."

—Catiia Greene, Director of Federal Title Programs & Instructional Support

“Julie is an outstanding literacy leader who has a strong command of content, but more importantly a passion for teaching and learning. While working with our district, Julie helped our literacy coaches and teachers hone their skills while also building the capacity of our school leaders. Julie is a leader in her field and many schools and districts look to her to help them plan and deliver high-quality professional learning.”

—Erica Bissell, Coordinator of Reading and Language Arts

“Julie Wright is a one-of-a-kind teacher.  When she works in classrooms, she has a unique way of getting kids excited and motivated to read and write creatively and is an endless source of inspiration.”

—Gabriella Grasa, Parent

“Julie has an amazing impact on students’ academic success. She takes a keen interest in students, identifies areas that need support while creating a plan that encompasses students’ love of learning.”

—Robyn McRae, Parent

“Julie motivates by creating learning opportunities based on students’ interests. She creates a safe environment in which to take risks and become self-directed.  Julie’s interactive and hands-on approach elevates students’ interest in reading.”

—Heather Cloutman, Parent

“Julie is a master at her craft! She has a warm disposition and welcoming demeanor that makes trying new things a low-risk opportunity - teachers love learning with her! Her coaching technique is one of the best and long-lasting... she works right alongside teachers and models the work. One of my favorite things is she practices what she preaches and can show you how it’s done with passion and love for learning and teaching! Julie Wright is the best investment for any learner - I recommend her 110%!”

—Steph Clark, 5th Grade Teacher & Reading Specialist

"It has been two years since our district did intensive work with Julie, but her work lives on because of the capacity-building approach she took with our teachers and leaders. Student work is at the heart of every professional learning session Julie leads. Students provide the curriculum for professional learning and Julie skillfully leads authentic conversations about next steps based on what students tell us they need. She is a masterful kidwatcher and teaches others to be the same. More than anything, Julie constantly reminds educators to "grab the good" they see in classrooms and grow from there."

—Mary Gaskins, Director of Leadership Development & Continuous Improvement

“If you are blessed enough to have Julie Wright working with you, know that you have the right facilitator! Julie is highly knowledgeable, yet she is very mindful of how she interacts with her constituents. She builds strong rapport with all teachers and staff so that they are more willing to take suggestions and recommendations. All sessions that Julie leads are purposeful, useful and transferable when teachers get back to their classrooms.”

—Jason Epting, Principal